“Since coming to the SkinTensive class, I’ve had more sales than the previous year using another line. Not only do my clients love the products, but the results are occurring faster because the price point is reasonable enough that clients feel obligated to purchase all suggested products. Thanks for your support!” -Angelique

“The Cherry Cheesecake facial... caught my attention right away... I placed a trial order, desperately hoping that I would like it as much as I thought I would! The shipment was fast and the customer service was fabulous! I was very happy with the information that was sent to me, and I really liked most of the products I tried... My clients are loving the facials, too... AND we’re getting a lot of questions about the “dessert” facials. I also signed up for a webinar and was happy with the education that was offered, and I started watching some of the webinars that had been posted on the website...how helpful!” -Julie F.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE SS! The enzymes, and home care can not be beat! I guinea pigged myself on a TON of different product lines and this is far and away my favorite! My customers love them! I offer samples to everyone. OUTSTANDING customer service! When I placed my first order the PROFESSIONAL! that answered the phone was more than helpful! I wanted to buy everything after trying out my samples (which btw are offered at a steal to try out) and she helped reign me in. LOL She wanted to know what services I would be offering and made sure I had everything I needed without spending more than I needed to, I had just opened and cash was quite tight. AND 1 more thing, Lisa is amazing!” -Tabatha P.

“I cannot keep your stuff on my shelves! I am a solo esthetician, running a very small skin care and wax studio. I ABSOLUTELY love your products and just wanted to send a quick compliment your way. My skin personally, has never been better ever since I started using the green tea cleanser, aloe moisturizer (now using the cacteen) and the retinol scrub. Thank you!!!” -Jenna M.

“Skin Script’s retail products, professional backbar and advanced education raises the level of professionalism for the aesthetics industry! Bravo!” -Kathy M.

“I would just like to say Thank you to Lisa, Kellie and the Skin Script crew for being such an amazing and incredibly ethical company... My clients and I absolutely love this line for a number of reasons. 1- It’s incredibly effective at handling any skin condition from acne to dehydrated aging skin and everything in between and 2- It is extremely affordable... As far as customer service is concerned- Lisa and her staff are amazing. I have NEVER had a concern that was not immediately handled and taken care of above and beyond what was expected... There are many products and skin care professionals out there but customer service makes all the difference. Thanks for an amazing product, for running a company that has high integrity and personalized care.” -Vicky D.

“[The product knowledge and training] has been instrumental in learning about how to use the products effectively in the salon. The hands on training and workshops have allowed me to build my confidence in providing excellent skin care services. I have been getting very positive feedback on the products I’ve used so far. I’ve received comments like, ‘my skin feels so soft,’ ‘the products smell wonderful,’ and ‘my dark circles under my eyes have faded.’ Hearing these positive comments increased my confidence as a skin care professional. The combination of quality products and training has been a very positive experience in introducing skin care to the salon. I look forward to implementing additional skin care services with your product line.” -June R.