Skin Script's Policies

Chemical Peel Policy

Skin Script offers 4 chemical peels: 20% Lactic, 30% Glycolic, 20% Salicylic (Cranberry Turnover Peel), and 10% TCA Depigmentation Peel. In order to purchase these chemical peel products, please provide us with proof of aesthetic insurance. Please submit your insurance documents to

Web/Internet Sales Policy

Skin Script products should only be purchased from licensed aestheticians and/or physicians/medical spa offices. Our products are to be recommended and used under the direction of a professional.

Sales from Your Website

Skin Script does believe in the convenience of 21st century technology and will allow individual aestheticians and/or physicians/medical spa offices to sell product on their own website for the convenience of their customer. The product will not be discounted online.

Sales from Mass Websites

Skin Script does not believe in internet sales on large, mass website such as,,, Craigslist, and so on. The product is then purchased without direction on how to use the product, and it tends to become discounted. Discounting online creates a domino effect of diminishing retail value. It then becomes undesirable by aestheticians or spas to carry the product in-house because of discounting online.

Any person or business found to be marketing and selling product online with mass retail websites will not be allowed to purchase from Skin Script.

Sample Policy

Retail Samples Without Purchase

Priced individually (see below) or a Retail Sample Pack is available for $15.00, plus $7.00 shipping. Limit 1 per person, per year. Bulk samples of 75 or more of the same sample are available at 50% off for special events upon request and approval by Skin Script. Samples are not available for the following items: Peptide Eye Serum, Tri-Peptide Eye Cream, and Blemish Spot Treatment.


Retail Samples With Purchase

Skin Script offers one free sample per retail item purchased. E.g., if an aesthetician purchases 5 retail-sized Green Tea Cleansers (6.5 oz), then she is entitled to 5 sample/trial sizes of the same product free. If she orders a backbar size of a Green Tea Cleanser (16 oz), then she is entitled to 4 sample/trial sizes of the same product free. Samples are not free with the travel sizes of 2 oz cleansers and 2 oz toners. If the aesthetician would like additional samples, they are available for purchase. Sample sizes and prices vary. 

Skin Script Certified Professional/Retailer Policy

Skin Script Skin Care provides an online professionals & retailer search for consumers as a courtesy to aestheticians who actively purchase professional and/or retail Skin Script products. The Certified Professional/Retailer list is intended to help the end consumer locate aestheticians in their area who either use Skin Script Professionally and/or sell Skin Script products.

To qualify as an Authorized Retailer, you must:

1)    Hold an active aesthetician license or cosmetology license. Students are not eligible to be listed as a retailer.

2)    Qualification thresholds:

a. To be listed as a “Skin Script Certified Professional” you must purchase at least $300 worth of professional products (enzymes, masks, chemical peels) in the previous rolling 6-month period.b. To be listed as a “Skin Script Certified Retailer” you must purchase at least $1000 worth of retail products (cleansers, toners, exfoliants, serums, moisturizers, etc.) in the previous rolling 6-month period.

3)    You must have a physical storefront with signage.

Skin Script reserves the right to remove a Certified Professional and/or Certified Retailer listing after your professional and/or retail sales fall below the above listed thresholds.

To Request to be added to the list:  

Account holders must call (480) 543-1121 or e-mail and provide the following information as you’d like it to appear on your online listing:

Business Name (required)Business Address (required)Contact Phone Number (required)Contact E-mail Address (if desired)Webpage Address (if desired)

Update listings: Please contact Skin Script Skin Care upon any changes to the listing (i.e. new phone number, address, etc.); Including requests to be removed from our online listing.