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Spiced Cider Facial (Limited Edition)


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Professional Use Only. The Spiced Cider Facial has a beautiful medley of fall scents such as nutmeg, cinnamon and crisp apples. Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants as well as naturally-occurring malic acid (AHA) to assist in exfoliation.  Nutmeg and cinnamon neutralize free radicals.  It will hydrate, firm and improve skin tone and suppleness.

This Professional Duo includes:

Apple Orchard Enzyme: This gentle enzyme is meant to be a mild exfoliant used in a nourishing anti-aging facial. Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants as well as naturally-occurring malic acid (AHA) to assist in exfoliation. It can be warming to the skin and can cause flushing.

Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask: This hydrating mask has nutmeg to soothe inflammation, yet is also anti-bacterial. Cinnamon creates a warming sensation in the skin while mangosteen, honeysuckle, and passionflower provide anti-aging benefits for healthy, nourished skin.

Purchase the Spiced Cider Facial Duo, which includes one Apple Orchard Enzyme and one Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask and receive a 10% discount! Our Spiced Cider Facial Package includes a protocol and two 4x6 display photos all in an organza bag. 10% discount is included in this price.

  • Anti-aging
  • Normal/Combination
  • Due to the warming and micro-circulation effect, it may not be suitable for very sensitive or rosacea skin types
  1. Cleanse once with Green Tea Cleanser.
  2. Cleanse a second time with Glycolic Cleanser.
  3. Apply Apple Orchard Enzyme for 7-10 minutes.  (Optional steam). This enzyme has a warming and flushing effect and may not be suitable for sensitive or rosacea skin types.  To dilute, mix in 1 part Apple Orchard Enzyme with 1 part Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask.
  4. Remove with a warm barber towel or with cool aesthetic wipes.
  5. Optional: Perform a microdermabrasion.
  6. Perform extractions.
  7. Apply Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum.
  8. Apply Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask for 10 minutes, and remove with a warm barber towel.
  9. Tone with Cucumber Toner.
  10. Moisturize with appropriate weighted moisturizer.
  11. Protect with Sheer Protection SPF 30.
Products Needed for this Professional Facial:
  • Green Tea Cleanser
  • Glycolic Cleanser
  • Apple Enzyme
  • Autumn Spice Hydrating Mask
  • Vitamin C/Green Tea Serum
  • Cucumber Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Sheer Protection SPF 30