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  • NEW! Skin Script 101 Online Learning

    Skin Script 101 Product Knowledge is an interactive software program that guides you through all of the Skin Script products, both retail and professional.  This training program is offered to licensed estheticians and esthetic students free of charge.  You have 30 days to complete the program.  The complete length is approximately 4 hours and you have the option to stop and return to the program at any time during the 30 days.  The program consists of a short introduction about Skin Script, you will learn about various products and how to use them for each skin type.  At the end of the retail and professional tracks you will receive a certificate for 2 hours for each track.

  • Product Knowledge Training, by Lisa VanBockern

    • Monday, September 28, 2015- Tempe AZ
    • Sunday, October 18, 2015- Tempe AZ
    • Monday, November 16, 2015- Tempe AZ
    • Sunday, December 20, 2015- Tempe AZ

    Description: You will learn about each retail and professional fruit enzyme, peel and mask! Experienced Skin Script aestheticians are encouraged to re-attend to collaborate with your peers on how you use each Skin Script product and your experience with them. We encourage our existing clients to send your new aestheticians to learn how to use and recommend these products. Of course, our training is open for all new and interested aestheticians as well. Free. Lunch provided. Please e-mail to register or call 480-543-1121

  • Product Knowledge Webinars, by Lisa VanBockern

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    Retail Product Webinar: Prescribe with confidence! Learn about each retail product and which is best suited for each skin condition. 45 minutes. Free. Live upcoming sessions shown below.

    Professional Product Webinar: Learn about each enzyme, mask and chemical peel and which is best suited for each skin condition. This session also includes instruction on the 8-week protocol for treating melasma and hyperpigmentation. 45 minutes. Free.  Live upcoming sessions shown below.

  • “Skin-Tensive” Two Day Training, by Dave Waggoner


    • Sunday, September 13 & Monday September 14, 9-4 p.m. Skin Script Sales & Training Office in Tempe, AZ
    • Sunday, November 1 & Monday, November 2, 9-4 p.m. Skin Script Sales & Training Office in Tempe, AZ

    This class is dedicated to the skin care professional who is seeking further knowledge in advanced skin care related topics. Our goal is to help you become a critically thinking aesthetician who treats the root cause of the issue not just the symptoms. This training includes:

    1) A review of the layers of the skin and what happens in each layer; treatment considerations that address each layer.

    2) Cellular mitosis and the creation of bi-layers; do you understand why our oil/water (bi-layers) are so critical to be aligned to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, which results in milia, keratinized skin, acne.

    3) Melanogenesis and Pigmentation issues; do you understand the difference between melasma and hyperpigmentation; do you have the ability to explain the difference to your clients and set reasonable expectations?

    4) Fibroblast proliferation; why are we seeing the on-set of premature wrinkles in the skin? UV rays are one culprit, but how do we recognize and repair depleted/damaged collagen?

    5) A discussion on acne and the causes of each type of acne; why do we have slow moving sebum within the follicle wall, why do we have papular acne, why do we have pustular acne? Once you understand the reason for the types of acne, you can treat the root cause, not just topically treat the skin.

    6) Chemistry terms; do you understand your label ingredients?

    7) Business development; how are you marketing yourself? Do you use social media? Are you using your skills effectively to recommend product and series of treatment so you have long-lasting clients?

    Come ready for a fast-paced, intensive and fun-filled 2 day training where you will rediscover your love and passion for skincare! This advanced “skin-tensive” two day class is designed to help you bridge the gap of your previous learning and link it to new and exciting information that will open doors to your professional success. Treatment options will also be demonstrated. The Skin Script 2 day Advanced Skin-Tensive Class is not to be missed!

    This training is free. Call 480-543-1121 or e-mail to reserve your seat at one of our trainings.

  • Superficial Peeling Class, by Dave Waggoner & Lisa VanBockern

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotThis hands-on training workshop is designed to help you discover the different types of superficial chemical peels available such as Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic and, TCA ; when to use them, their differences, and how they work. We will explore factors affecting skin health and rejuvenation as well as conducting a comprehensive client history, effective skin analysis, and developing an individualized plan for treatment of aged, acneic and pigmented skin. Contraindications to treatment and management of adverse events will also be covered. You will also learn how to incorporate other modalities such as microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and dermafiling in conjunction with your peel sessions. Class participants will perform and receive a superficial chemical peel. Participants will be able to:

    • Discuss anatomical layers of the integumentary system
    • Describe both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can affect the outcome of a chemical peel
    • Identify components of history, assessment, skin analysis, and treatment indications
    • Identify safety issues, contraindications, complication and precautions of chemical peels
    • Incorporate Chemical Peeling with other exfoliation methods
    • Demonstrate the Chemical Peel procedure (using Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, or TCA)
    • Develop a customized treatment series and homecare

    Class fee: $25; one-time charge that covers all products used during class. A list of class necessities will be addressed during the registration process. Location: Tempe, Arizona Sales and Training Office Dates:

    • August 31, 2015 9am-4pm- Tempe, AZ
    • October 19, 2015 9am-4pm- Tempe, AZ
    • November 23, 2015 9am-4pm- Tempe, AZ

    Licensed professionals who are interested in this class should contact Dave Waggoner directly at This class is limited to 10 participants.

  • Skin Care ReBoot, by Dave Waggoner
    Skincare Reboot Training Schedule

    This is a 3-day training class. See the description below.

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotDo you hold an Aesthetics or Cosmetology License but have never used it? Did life get in the way of your skincare career aspirations and now you feel like the skincare world has passed you by? Are you confused or unclear about skin histology, exfoliation methods, and peels?

    Skin Script has developed a comprehensive three-session class titled “Skincare Reboot” that focuses on the licensed professional who wants support in skincare concepts. There is a process to gain admission to this career changing class.

    Licensed professionals who are interested in this class should contact Dave Waggoner directly at This class is limited to 10 participants.

    Class fee: $45; one-time charge that covers all products used during class. A list of class necessities will be addressed during the registration process.

    Next Class Dates :

    • October 3, 4 & 5, 2015 Tempe, AZ

    Day 1, Saturday- 9:00 – 4:00: Histology, Skin Analysis, Exfoliation Methods, the Classic Facial

    Day 2, Sunday- 9:00 – 4:00: Acne, Extractions, Acne Treatments

    Day 3, Monday-9:00 – 4:00: Hyperpigmentation, Peeling Methods, Effective Marketing Techniques

  • Advanced Webinars, by Dave Waggoner

    DaveWaggonerscreenshot In this series of webinars, Skin Script addresses advanced topics relating to skin histology, common skin conditions and how to treat those conditions. Each webinar is designed to be a challenging and intensive segment which will provide the skincare therapist a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complex integumentary system. Click below for a detailed description and to register.

  • Nutrition and Today’s Aesthetician: Linking skin conditions to diet choices

    VanBockern - Small   DaveWaggonerscreenshot  It’s great to have smooth, wrinkle-free skin…that’s probably why you slather on SPF every morning. But what you may not realize is that what you put on your body is only half the battle. What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your body. Not sure what to nosh on? Not quite comfortable bringing up the subject of nutrition to your clients? Join Dave Waggoner, Lisa VanBockern and their special guest Jay Nixon as they explain the ins and outs of the Standard American Diet, nutrients and antioxidants that contribute to healthy skin, and how to become a trusted resource to your clients!

  • Marketing Your Seasonal Facial

    Seasonal facials are a great way to build business and drive more clientele through your door.  Marketing can be tricky and is often overlooked until the last minute.  Join Dave Waggoner and Lisa VanBockern for a webinar with a demonstration of the Sweet Cherry Cheesecake Facial to discuss various ideas for marketing your services.

    • Dates TBA

  • Exploring Salicylic Acid: Peel Uses and Applications, by Dave Wagoner & Lisa VanBockern

    Salicylic Acid is a very useful acid, but do you know the variables that need to be considered before using and applying salicylic acid?  Do you prepare your clients with both homecare and peeling expectations?  Join us in this webinar to discover treatment purposes and watch a live demonstration.

  • Intake, Consultation & Selling the Series of 6

    Do you find yourself having trouble recommending a series of treatments? Are you making changes in the skin? Treatment series are the way to go when your clients want to see results. Join us in this webinar on how to how to sell a series of 6 with homecare and achieve maximum results for the client. We will also cover road bumps in the series and maintenance considerations.  

  • Analysis and Treatment of Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

     Are you able to identify the difference between hyperpigmentation and melasma?  During this webinar Lisa VanBockern & Dave Waggoner will discuss the difference, how to identify it, how to set expectations with your client, how to treat it, and how to manage it long term.  This webinar will also include a demonstration of a TCA application.

  • Demystifying Chemistry Series: Class #1 How to educate and recommend (and sell!) EFA’s, Antioxidants and Peptides.

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotDo you love your product line yet still have trouble recommending retail products to your clientele? Are you unsure what specific ingredients are supposed to do? Do you fall short of your retail goals? Educate your clients so they can understand how ingredients address skin conditions! Dave Waggoner, Director of Education at Skin Script Skin Care will lead an in-depth webinar to help you get clear on how to recommend (and sell!) Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants and Peptides! This webinar also covers Oxidative Stress, Lipid Peroxidation, how to improve the skin’s barrier function and how to use Skin Script marketing materials to assist you with retail sales.

  • Ensuring Successful Chemical Peels

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotJoin Lisa VanBockern, owner of Skin Script Skin Care and Dave Waggoner, Director of Education for Skin Script Skin Care in this fast-paced webinar discussing how to ensure flawless results for your clients interested in a chemical peel series.  Topics in this live webinar cover: the client qualification process, Fitzpatrick Types, exfoliant fundamentals and a live demo of a lactic acid peel.    

  • Understanding Fitzpatrick Types with Dave Waggoner

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotOne of the most fundamental aspects of safely treating your client’s skin is to recognize and relate to their Fitzpatrick Type. The Fitzpatrick Scale is based on a person’s complexion and their responses to sun exposure. Today, this classification system is also used to aid aestheticians in the safe delivery of products and treatments including peels, laser and light therapies. Attend this webinar to refresh your knowledge on this all-important client protection concept.


  • The 10 Toughest Interview Questions…and how to answer them! with Lisa VanBockern

    Job Interviews…a necessary evil of becoming gainfully employed. As you are well aware, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Do yourself a favor and prepare some well-developed responses for the typical interview questions you will be asked. Taking the time to review job interview questions and sample answers will help you interview more confidently and you’ll impress the interviewer with your knowledge and expertise.


  • Marketing & Retailing with Dave Waggoner & Candace Valenzuela

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotcandacesmallDo you need help or advice/tips marketing yourself? What does the most effective facial menu look like? What should my business card look like? What marketing campaigns should be be offering both in house and through social media? How do I motivate myself? What can I do to help myself in retail sales? These questions and more will be answered in this webinar.  Seasonal marketing, business building and marketing strategy are also explored.


  • Retailing by the Numbers with Dave Waggoner & Candace Valenzuela

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotcandacesmallUnderstanding the decision making process is fundamental to understanding how people buy. These stages can be executed by different people, at different times, with different outcomes. Discover and understand consumer buying behavior. It’s an easy concept, but it’s shocking how easy it is to forget. Participate in the webinar and learn: Top 5 Traits You Must Have to Sell, 5 Types of Sales Approaches, The Top 7 Sales Blunders and 20 Questions that Sell.

  • Skin Script Tips & Tricks Webinar with Lisa VanBockern and Dave Waggoner and special guest Shelley Hancock


    Attend this short webinar where we will cover the latest in tips and tricks to make your experience with Skin Script even more rewarding. We will cover custom masking, order of exfoliation and then welcome Shelley Hancock who will share her favorite machines that can take your treatment to the next level! Register early as space is limited!

    • Dates TBA

  • What’s Your Edge? by Lisa VanBockern & Dave Waggoner

    Understand what it takes to get to the top and stay there! Ask yourself the challenging questions that elevate you both professionally and personally. These tough questions help you clarify your “edge”! Your edge is having a clear set of guidelines (mutual respect and boundaries) and aligning yourself with the correct people who inspire and motivate you (your support network). That, in turn, will lead you to achieve all the goals and dreams you hold in life. Join the Skin Script Team as we delve into this thought provoking webinar.

  • Coffee Talk:
    Taming Ten Treatment Room Tragedies By Lisa VanBockern and Dave Waggoner

    They happen to the best of us…Treatment Room Tragedies.

    While we can’t avoid the possibility of never ever having a mishap, you can better prepare yourself for the inevitable.

    Please join Lisa VanBockern and Dave Waggoner as they highlight common sense approaches to Taming Ten Treatment Room Tragedies

  • Abundance & Budgeting: Webinar with Lisa VanBockern and Dave Waggoner

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotDave and Lisa come together in this unique webinar which discusses abundance and budgeting. Dave will speak about raising your vibration and releasing your energetic blocks so you can start achieving as much abundance as you want and deserve. Discover how your thoughts direct and manifest your reality. By developing an Attitude of Gratitude you will attract the abundance you seek! Lisa will speak about having a passion for aesthetics, but translating that passion into a successful business by budgeting and managing your finances to achieve peace and harmony in your life.

  • The Critically Thinking Aesthetician: Webinar

    DaveWaggonerscreenshotDo you ever get stuck on how to treat skin? Do you have trouble applying your skin care education to the treatment? This webinar helps to transition classroom theory into real life experience. We at Skin Script love education, but the next step is having the ability to apply education to the treatment room. In this webinar we re-imagine the intake form which will give you deeper insight into your client’s history, current skin state, and skin care goals. We will demonstrate how to critically assess your client through an intake form which will help you draw upon your own education, experiences, and product knowledge to create a treatment plan. Also covered in this webinar is the technique known as mind mapping. By learning this simple technique you uncover your underlying education and the potential to apply it through critical thinking.

  • Upcoming Trade Shows

    Upcoming Trade Shows

    • Face and Body Northern California, August 22–24, 2015, San Jose, CA
    • IECSC Long Beach, September 20 & 21, 2015, Long Beach, CA
    • IECSC Philadelphia, October 25 & 26, 2015, Philadelphia, PA